Geschichte des Malens nach Zahlen

Die klassische Geschichte von Malen Nach Zahlen

Kaufen Sie als Erwachsener Malen Nach Zahlen , weil Sie sich an die guten alten Zeiten erinnern, als Sie dachten, Sie würden als Michelangelo enden, wenn Sie erwachsen würden? Nun, die Realität ist, dass diese klassische Kunst des Malens nach Zahlen tatsächlich die Erfindung des größten Michelangelo ist. Obwohl Sie als Künstler vielleicht nicht gewachsen sind, sind Sie einer seiner Schüler, wenn Sie aus irgendeinem Grund nach Zahlen malen.  

Malen nach Zahlen Art.-Nr

Während Michelangelo am Ende natürlich kein Malen-nach-Zahlen-Kit herstellte, gefiel Dan Robbin die Idee so sehr, dass er 1949 das Malen-nach-Zahlen-Kit einführte. Der Mann war selbst kein gewöhnlicher Künstler, er hat einen Rekord als meistausgestellter Künstler der Welt!


Wie ist es passiert:

As a worker of the company, Dan Robbin was assigned a task to come up with an idea strong enough to grab everyone’s attention. It was the year 1950 and the company’s president wanted something original to get him more customers. That is when it clicked to Dan Robbin to start something that can make everyone an artist but the task was way too daunting to be appreciated initially.

People were not willing to start a new hobby and therefore, at first, the company was not happy to go for it. But even then, Dan Robbin was not willing to give up and thus he came up with brilliant marketing strategies which did the trick. One of the cleverest one was stocking the kits at Macy’s by promising the toy shop owner to take back all the unsold kits. Company then awarded $250 to all the employees and requested them to ask their friends, family, and relatives to buy the kit for just $2.50! During holiday season this idea worked brilliantly as people got curious to see so many customers buying the paint by number kits that they started buying too!

Not only that, but a huge billboard was set up with a print of paint-by-numbers. Each day a new color was added to the picture while people watched it, intriguing them enough to buy the kits for themselves too. The result was like a dream come true because, by 1954, the company was making $20 million just by a sale of the Craft Master Kit-The Paint by Numbers!

Everyone was happiest with the idea that they could relive their memories from childhood and initiate drawing again. The painting was never so simpler and thus it made everyone felt like an artist. While all of this happened because of a marketing stunt, what is precious to observe from the history of this great art activity is that it revived the classic exercise to de-stress - that is the art of Painting.



Valuable Feedback


Deeply saddened by the death of beloved Dan Robbins... His legacy lives on!

Jenny  Apr 5, 2019

It is really interesting to read how did it all start. Dan Robbins has done a great job. Thanks for sharing.

Denise Parker  Apr 23, 2019

Nice article. Though I'm a big fan of paint by numbers art but I didn't know about its history. Thanks to Dan Robbins for giving us such a great hobby.

Barbara Neal  May 16, 2019

I'm really happy to read this post. It gave me an insight into the history of paint by numbers art.

Rachel Harmon  Aug 15, 2019

Dan Robbins truly created a wonderful art form. He'll live in our hearts forever. R.I.P. Dan Robbins.

Kara Coates  Aug 20, 2019

Can you help me locate an old item? The man in the golden helmet? My husband painted it years ago, but one of his kids gave it away!&@$;?$@@(so upset) Thank you.

Nanci Tousignant  Dec 2, 2019

What size are the canvas, so I know what size frame to order?

Benecca Storey  Mar 1, 2020

Thank you, Mr. Robbins, for what you have created. You may not know how much a part of my life these paintings are and how important it is for me to sit down with the paintings every time I am feeling anxious. As someone who has struggled with General Anxiety Disorder, it has extremely calming to paint in on the canvases provided. Not only is it distracting but it is very calming to paint the pictures. Moreover, it is super satisfying for oneself when they look at the canvas after having finished the entire painting. I hope others soon realize what a fantastic form of therapy this can be and that people start using it more and more as coping strategies.

Tom  Mar 15, 2020

I love little history stories about normal things like this, I love hearing about how things startup and where they are now. It is really encouraging at times to see how things can grow and how there is hope for things to blossom into something which you never thought of before. Good luck to paints by number in the future, I hope they grow bigger and better than what they already are now.

Bill  Mar 16, 2020

So this was the guy who was responsible for it all huh. I hope the dude got a chance to see how big this would become and how many people enjoy doing the paints by numbers. Is he still alive? I would love to get his contact information and send him an email telling him how much I love the creations which he has invested so much time in. I genuinely hope others try some of the paints in the future, in order to see how wonderful they can be as a way to destress.

Arthur  Mar 22, 2020

Dan Robbins hat mit diesen Farben etwas so Zeitloses geschaffen. Er hat mir Zeit gegeben, Zeit mit meiner Familie zu verbringen, auf eine Art und Weise, die ich mir vorher nie hätte vorstellen können. Wir alle setzen uns gerne hin und malen verschiedene Teile des Bildes aus, während im Hintergrund Musik läuft. An den Wochenenden tun wir dies normalerweise, es sei denn, wir haben an Wochentagen etwas Freizeit. Ich wünsche Ihnen alles Gute, mein Herr, es war wunderbar, Zeit mit meiner Familie zu verbringen, um Ihre Kreationen fertigzustellen. Das ist wirklich unbezahlbare Zeit, die ich nicht für die Welt getauscht hätte.

Phil 29. März 2020

Ich male seit fast einem Jahr nach Zahlen und hatte nicht so viele Informationen über diese Maltechnik und ihre Geschichte.

Michael Duke 02.09.2020

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